Exclusive is to inspire, nurture, challenge, educate, and empower artists, clients, and fans, in order to continue to make every aspect of the entertainment industry a more appreciated and compassionate arena. 

While consistently providing high superior, professional, and efficient services, we strive to establish a relationship and collaborate with each of our clients to ensure outstanding performance satisfaction. 

Exclusive has earned a reputation for high performance and dependability, striving to transmit the fun to their target audience, while using new concepts of entertainment. 

All our musicians are experts in instruments they play, and they are capable of displaying ardent skills at any performance. We have all brass ensembles and woodwinds like trumpets, saxophones, trombones, baritones, tubas, sousaphones, flutes, clarinets and many others. Moreover, we have a large variety of rhythm and percussion instruments like Tabla, Bass Drum, Marching Drums, Portable Snare, and many others from various cultures (African, Oriental, etc.)
  1. Our Music is for HAPPINESS!
    The music we play is made by us. Our playlist includes a variety of styles for popular songs and well-known music. All songs we play are arranged in our style, in a way to make you feel happy. Our melodies give you the pleasure of hearing sounds, and our beats excite you to dance and feel the rhythm.
  2. Our show is for FUN!
    The musical show is based on fun, and the main goal is to interact with all audience during the play. Our experience gives us the ability to improvise steps by doing unexpected moves while we are playing. Each instrument makes you enjoy the music while the musician professionally and creatively handles it. In other words, the show we do combines both art and entertainment.
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